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What Is Bokwa Class?

Our Bokwa Class is a dance fitness program based in the South African musical tradition of Kwaito, which South African History Online notes is an intense blend of genres and traditions. Bowkwa was designed by its founder Paul Mavi in 2002 in Los Angeles. The program became popularized and grew rapidly, now being practiced across the U.S. and around the world. Unlike BollyX or Zumba dance fitness programs, the Bokwa dance doesn’t follow any structured choreography. Rather, hand signals are used by an instructor to direct participants movements by drawing letters and numbers with their feet.

The Benefits of Our Bokwa Class

The human body was designed to be in motion and performing regular physical activity. When it comes to overall health, physical fitness is key. The U.S. National Library of Medicine describe lifetime cardiovascular health, better sleep, and a decreased risk of depression as some of the many benefits of fitness as amongst. Do you need help maintaining a healthy weight? Well Bokwa’s super calorie burning routines can definitely help with that. With Bokwa, you can burn up to 1,250 calories in just forty-five minutes! Also increase your energy levels and boost your stamina.


Drop in – $7.00 (if you come with a member its only $5.00)

5 Class Pass – $30.00

10 Class Pass – $60.00

Member gets 1 free class of choice when new member buys at least a 5 Class Pass.

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