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We have teamed up with Aerial Fun and Fitness to provide Aerial Yoga and Fitness Training! We are starting August 10, 2019 then holding workshops once a month.

What Is Aerial Yoga Class?

Aerial yoga class combines anti-gravity asana with acrobatic arts, yoga principles and poses, aerial arts, dance gymnastics, Pilates and calisthenics and helps to lengthen the spine with safe aligning poses. The wonderful thing about the aerial style is that you get all the benefits of yoga without the additional strain or impact because it’s performed while suspended in air from a hammock. The style combines yoga principles and poses with elements.

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The Benefits of Our Aerial Yoga Class

Aerial yoga actually began over ten years ago when instructors started combining aerial acrobatics with traditional yoga in classes, and it has been growing ever since.

Alignment and Therapeutic Value

Not only is it great for its alignment and therapeutic value, but most of all its tons of fun!

We practice bliss while inverted, using laughing breaths, or forcefully exhaling with a laugh. Aerial yoga is an opportunity to play and to dream, to try new things and put yourself in a position you may have never thought you could assume.

Workshop Class Prices

Workshop Classes are $25.00 per person.  We have 6 hammocks, make sure to register online to save your spot.

*During Winter if there is inclement weather, we will reschedule the workshop within 2 weeks.

  • Drop in – $25.00
  • 5 Class Pass – $100.00

Member gets 1 free class of choice when new member buys at least a 5 Class Pass.

Private Lessons and Parties / Groups

We will also book private parties Groups and lessons and the Saturday. (Book by appointment Only)

  • Private Sessions – $75.00 (discounts are offered for ongoing sessions)
  • Semi – Private – $50.00 each
  • Small group 3 – 6 people – $150.00

Ready to Get Fit! Just contact us and we’ll get you started on your fitness and healthy lifestyle transformation.

Aerial Yoga Fitness, Hammock Style Instructor


  • Aerial Fitness Instructor Level 1 and 2
  • Apprentice Teacher Level 3 and Silks Level 1


Sarah teaches at the home studio Aerial Fun & Fitness in Newark, DE and is traveling to help start an aerial fitness program at Get Fit Cardio in Felton, DE. She will be teaching workshops on a monthly basis, Starting Aug 10th, 2019.

Sarah is looking forward to helping you learn new things, gain confidence, and strength. She is self-taught on single silks and comes from a background of nine years in gymnastics, the last five of which she has been performing on the exhibition team. Her experience includes tumbling, mini trampoline, hula hooping (standard, LED, and fire), and some acrobatics most recently the single silks. As a senior member of the team Sarah assists with creating routines and helping other team members learn new skills. She also served as a teacher assistant at Mt. Sophia Academy.

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Registration Policies

  • Classes are pre-registration only. We will offer a couple times on Saturday morning or call ahead and reserve your own private group.
  • Students can register up 24 hours before class time. If you want to come and it is past the 24 hr window – Contact Us we will try our best to get you in.
  • Due to the travel time of our instructors, if there is no one signed up 24 hours before class time, the teacher will not be there.
  • We know stuff happens, so please notify us if you need to cancel your class time min. 24 hrs before class so we can credit you another class time.
  • If you forgot, or it is less than 24 hrs and the teacher is on the way to class, we will need to charge you for a missed class.
  • Thanks for your understanding on the travel time for our teachers.


If you love aerial fitness and want to see more classes in the Felton, Delaware area and would like to be a part of this aerial fitness movement we are looking to train teachers down in the area to be a part of the team in the Felton, DE area. For more information on teacher training contact information check out Aerial Fun and Fitness.

READY TO GETFIT? Just contact us and we’ll get you started on your fitness and healthy lifestyle transformation.